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Hiromichi Kimura

Kanazawa, Japan

The Asano River and black tile rooftops of Kanazawa. From Kanazawa: the Other Side of Japan by Ruth Stevens (Kanazawa Tourist Association, 1984).


Last year, while working on our presentation of Japanese author Izumi Kyoka, we were introduced to the work of another Kanazawa artist, Mr. Hiromichi Kimura. The abstract paintings here, derived from Chinese characters, are just a few in a series of thirty or more. We hope to present more of Mr. Kimura’s work as the images become available.

Special thanks to Stephen Kohl for his translation work, to Makiko and Miki Nagae for their help with communications and acquisition, and a very special salute to Ms. Terry Nagae for her tireless efforts in introducing the art and writing of Japan to the world.