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E. R. Beardsley

Imaginary Places
History: A form of fiction...


This work first appeared at the California Museum of Photography, University of California at Riverside. Our thanks to the museum for permission to present it here.


The author and artist owes a debt of gratitude to the U.C.R. California Museum of Photography, to its Director Jonathan Green, and most especially to Senior Curator Edward Earle and his staff for providing access to the Keystone-Mast Collection and permission to use some of the collection images with my own in the making of this work. Thanks must also go to my wife, Dr. Felicia Beardsley, for letting me abuse many of the photographs she has made in the Pacific islands in the course of her career as an archaeologist. Finally, an additional expression of gratitude goes to Edward Earle for his kind assistance with technical issues related to the making of these pages.

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Copyright © 1995, 1996 E. R. Beardsley. All rights reserved.