Saint of Mt. Koya
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"At first the woman had to coax and encourage the idiot boy in every possible way, but at last he tilted his head to one side, and with his hands still playing with his navel, began to sing:

Even the summers are cold
On Mt. Ontake in Kiso.
Let me give you
A double lined kimono
And tabi socks as well.

" 'I told you he could sing well,' said the woman with a bright smile.

"It was weird. You cannot imagine what the idiot boy's song was like just from hearing me tell about it. It was as different as day from night from what I had expected. The dynamics, the contrast, the purity of tone were so wonderful it seemed impossible that they had come from the mouth of one such as this. His song had a remarkable, unworldly quality about it. I had to think it came from a former life and that this was his former self transmitting the music from the depths of Hell to this present self through an invisible tube to his stomach.

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