Saint of Mt. Koya
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"From where we were on the veranda we could hear the neighing of the horse and the sound of its hoofs as the old man brought him from the back of the house around to the front gate. There he paused for a moment holding the horse by the bridle and said, 'Well then, Miss, I'll be going along. You be sure to give the young priest plenty of what he wants.'

"Meanwhile the woman was crouching before the hearth with the lamp close to her as she worked busily to get a fire started beneath the kettle that hung there. She looked up when the old man spoke, and still clutching a pair of metal chopsticks she used in the fireplace, said, 'Thanks for all your help. Please come again soon.'

" 'You're welcome,' he called. Turning his attention to the horse, he led it away. Old Blue was a spotted horse without a saddle, and its mane was thin. I am not particularly interested in horses, but as I was just sitting there behind the idiot boy with nothing to do, when the old man led the horse out, I moved to the edge of the veranda to watch.

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