Saint of Mt. Koya
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"Just then a small rodent-like creature appeared and leaped from the riverbank straight onto the woman's back. It clung to her hips and twined itself around the lower part of her body. 'Get away from me, you beast,' she cried angrily, 'Can't you see I have a guest with me? Your behavior is outrageous.' She hit the creature roughly on the head as it peeked under her arm. The rodent bounded away squeaking shrilly and landed on the nearby tree branch where my kimono had been hung. The thing only paused there for a moment, then scurried quickly up the tree. I realized it must be some sort of monkey. Even as I watched, it climbed steadily from branch to branch until it reached the very top of the tree. Through the thin leaves and branches I could see that the moon had risen from the top of the cliff and was now as high as the top of the tree.

"The woman appeared to be quite put out with the mischief that was being done; first by the toad, then by the bat, and now the monkey. Her irritation at these repeated pranks by the animals suggested the mood of a young mother when her children are too rowdy.

"The woman continued to be angry as she put on her kimono, and I stood aside without saying a word."

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