Saint of Mt. Koya
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"Now that I could see the woman, I realized that she was quite different than she had appeared when wearing clothes. She was voluptuous and her skin was silken.

" 'A little bit ago I was in the stable taking care of the horse,' she explained, 'I have that horsey smell all over me and feel quite uncomfortable. This will be a good chance for me to bathe as well.' The woman spoke quite casually as though I were a member of the family rather than a stranger.

"Holding back her hair with one hand, she raised her arm and scrubbed the side of her body with the wash cloth. Then she stood bathed in the moonlight, the figure of some pale goddess, wringing out the wash cloth. It seemed to me, perhaps I only imagined it, that the woman's sweat as she washed it away was a pale pink, almost red in color. Afterwards she combed out her long, wet locks of hair.

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