Saint of Mt. Koya
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"The woman was shocked when she saw the condition of my back. 'Apparently you had a very hard time of it in the forest. Travellers say that when they cross the Hida mountains, that is the place they encounter the leeches. You evidently missed the bypass and walked right into the thick of them. You must be favored with divine protection to have survived. Those leeches even kill cows and horses that pass that way. These wounds must feel very painful and itchy.'

" 'It is not so bad now. Just painful, that's all.'

" 'Even so, I am afraid that if I scrub you with this rough towel, it will do further damage to your skin.' With these words she began scrubbing my back with her hands. Her soft hands caressed my shoulders, then moved down over my back, my flanks, and buttocks. All the while she was sluicing me down with clean water.

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