Saint of Mt. Koya
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" 'Follow me, please. We'll go this way,' she said. As she stood up to go, she held the rice bucket under her arm and tucked a towel into her narrow sash. Her rich, beautiful hair was tied up in a bun and held in place by a comb and pins. All I can say is that she had a beautiful figure.

"Since I had already taken off my travelling sandals, I now slipped on the old clogs. Getting up from the veranda, I glanced over at the idiot boy only to discover that he was still staring at me. Apparently he had some sort of speech impediment, but he seemed to be trying to say something. At last the words came, but all he could get out was 'Sister, ah... ah...' He seemed quite intrigued by my shaven head and in his own bewildered way he raised his hand to his head and asked, 'Priest? Priest?'

"At this the woman's full face was wreathed in smiles and she nodded her approval several times. The man merely murmured something incomprehensible and returned once again to playing with his protruding navel.

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