Saint of Mt. Koya
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"Certainly the destruction of mankind will not begin with the earth bursting into eruption and fire raining down from the sky, nor yet will it come from the waves of the ocean washing over the earth. The very seeds of the destruction of mankind are to be found in those leeches of the forest of Hida. In the end all that will remain will be these black leeches swimming in an endless swamp of mud and blood. Gradually it came to me that this was indeed a vision of the world to come.

"Naturally I had entered this forest not supposing it was anything unusual, but as I went further and proceeded deeper into these dark woods, I could see that the very roots of the trees were turning into tangled masses of leeches and that there was no hope of salvation for me, that my death here in this place had been fated from the beginning. Thoughts such as these flitted through my mind and suddenly I knew I was on the brink of death.

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