Saint of Mt. Koya
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"I was incensed by the man's insolence. Furious, I hurried away along the path through the fields that cut across the mountain. I had only gone a short distance when the path began to rise steeply and I could see the road climbing above in a series of sharp switchbacks. So high and so steeply did the path rise, curving like a bow, that it seemed to arch out over me like some fabulous, heavenly bridge.

"I had just started to climb the slope with my eyes upturned, fixed on my goal, when the very medicine peddler I had encountered earlier came hurrying along, overtaking me. We did not exchange words, not even a greeting. In fact, I was determined not to reply even if he spoke to me. As before, the man was completely insolent and merely cast a defiant look in my direction as he hurried past and went on ahead. For a brief moment his umbrella seemed to blossom on the ridge line at the top of the hill, then disappeared down the far side.

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