Saint of Mt. Koya
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" 'The fact is that she was born with an unquenchable lust, and she is especially fond of young men. Perhaps she said something of a suggestive or amorous nature to you, but the truth is that when she gets tired of you, you will begin to sprout a tail, your ears will twitch, and your legs will grow long; before you know it you will be transformed into some sort of creature.

" 'Imagine if you will what she will look like shortly when she dines on this carp, spreading her legs apart in crude fashion as she drinks its blood. Seen in her true form she is a demon of the worst sort.

" 'Don't occupy your mind with lewd and empty thoughts. Do yourself a favor and get away from here. It is already a miracle that you have been saved. You see, she felt sorry for you and gave you special treatment after all. You are young and have been blessed, go now and devote yourself tirelessly to your religious austerities.' With these words the old man once again gave me a stunning thump on the back and set off up the mountain road, the carp still dangling from his hand. He never once looked back.

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