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Thank you for this everybody... thank you very much indeed.

Thanks most of all to my amazing director, Oliver, and the others in the cast, and the amazing people in the production office.

Thanks to my fantastic family, and thanks to my costume designer.

And thanks to my dog. Because he was always there for me! Thank you Bowfy!


You know, I was just returning home after a screening of this movie, when several members of the audience came up to me, and shook me by the hand. They told me the effect this movie had had on their own lives. They said it was profound, and that made me cry.

Why? Because our film really was profound, as only the cinema can be.

And ladies and gentlemen, I'm still crying! So I'd like to toast with this award, the cinema. Everybody : TO THE CINEMA!

(APPLAUSE : "Cinema!")

Lastly, to all the young actresses out there, who may be watching me tonight, and wishing that they were up here, instead of me, I want to send a message of hope. Because you CAN do it girls! I was just another actress, like you, but on screen, with a good script, and a good director, the magic was there.

The magic of the cinema!

So thanks again! Thanks Oliver, and thanks everybody!

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