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Herbert Quick with his camera
Herbert Quick Photographer

Curated by E. R. Beardsley (beardsley@qnet.com)

A joint presentation of Intangible Publications and the California Museum of Photography

Cover photograph by Steve Walag


First and foremost my thanks go to Mr. Herbert Quick for making his work available and putting up with the author's many demands on his time and patience. Gratitude is also expressed to Mr. Edward Earle, Senior Curator, University of California, Riverside's California Museum of Photography, for his assistance and encouragement in bringing this labor of love to a successful conclusion.

Monitor recommendations

Set monitor for "millions of colors" for optimal viewing of photographs. "Thousands of colors" will yield acceptable, but slightly degraded tone structure. Settings below "thousands of colors" will yield exceedingly poor results.

All photographs and text by Mr. Herbert Quick
Copyright © 1996 Herbert Quick. All rights reserved.