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B.H. Jiang

China Notebook

Curated by E. R. Beardsley (

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Special thanks to Carl Robertson for his generous help in translating communications between China and the U.S. Mr. Robertson is an instructor of Chinese literature and language at the University of Oregon. He is writing his doctoral dissertation on the sixteenth-century Chinese novel, "Journey to the West."

Thanks also to Marina Tackett for her help in translation. A native of Taiwan, Ms. Tackett is working toward her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology at the University of Oregon. She is focusing on children of the Bunan tribe, the fourth-largest indigenous group in Taiwan.

Further thanks to Ms. Zou Huan, a student from China who is currently studying at the University of Oregon. Ms. Zou was most helpful in the early stages of communications between China and the U.S.

The curator's gratitude also goes to Mr. Pedro Meyer for the invitation to present Mr. Jiang's work at ZoneZero as well as on Intangible, and to Mr. Steve McQuiddy and Ms. Debby Coulthard of Eugene, Oregon, for numerous and varied contributions that have saved him much anguish and hard work.

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Introduction copyright © 1997 E.R. Beardsley. All rights reserved.