Why I Hate Cowboys
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They sing, suddenly in much nicer clothes than they just had on, stupid songs like I'm Thinkin' I'm Anglin' After Hankerin' for a Filly Like Yew, why don't they just go GET them? Haven't they learned anything from Popeye? There's a BAD GUY at the Bank who's going to get the girl, in exchange, sadly, for shares in the Railroad. They wear bandannas, it doesn't matter where you put a thing like that, it makes you look STUPID. They only wear them in these crap towns, you don't see people in New York in 1890 wearing bandannas. Nobody plays cowboy on our block, it's all Army or Wizard of Oz. They aren't real. At a motel in the desert Julie shot me over and over again and I fell backward into the pool. Every time she shot me she yelled out Take that, you dirty son of a bitch, until suddenly we had to go upstairs.

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