Glass Enclave
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How did she bring herself to phone Mahasen? To be the bearer of the worst news? And Mahasen's phone was not working. It had to be the neighbour's and Mahasen running, breathless, bra-less, a tobe flung over her nightdress, one roller perched at the top of her head like a purple crest. She was always like that at home, with this one purple roller in her hair. She even slept with it so that when she went out a fringe would peep becomingly from under her tobe.

I love your mother more than you, she had teased him, hugging her aunt, kissing her cheeks, putting her head on her shoulder. Go away Tarig, we want to talk, she would say laughing. We are going to gossip about you, Mahasen would say to him, in little pieces. The word for 'gossip' meant cutting too.

This was the Mahasen who now spat when mentioning Sammar's name. Tfou.

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