Saint of Mt. Koya
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The priest said, "Once the lamp began to gutter and burn low. I wondered if this was somehow caused by the idiot boy of whom I have been telling because just then the great singer gave an enormous yawn that practically sucked the flame from the lamp that was sitting before him.

"He began to squirm and fidget, and at last said, 'Bed. Sleep.'

" 'Are you sleepy? Do you want to go to bed now?' asked the woman, straightening up and looking about as though her mind was on something else. Outside it was as bright as day in the light of the moon, and since the house was all open, the moonlight penetrated the inner rooms as well. Even the hydrangeas in the garden were a vivid blue in this light.

" 'Are you ready for bed too?' asked the woman turning to me.

" 'Yes, but I am afraid it is quite a bother for you.'

" 'Well, I am going to put my husband to bed now, but please take your time and stay up as long as you like. This room is near the front of the house, but it is large and cool in summer, so I think you will be comfortable here. My husband and I will sleep in the inner room, so you can have this room all to yourself. You can stretch out and make yourself at home.' With these words she quickly got to her feet and went to the entry hall. Her movements were so brisk that her black hair that had been neatly coiled into a bun fell loose about her shoulders. Holding the coil of loose hair in her hand, she opened the door and looked out, murmuring, 'I seem to have lost my comb earlier in all the excitement.'

"I knew she was referring to her earlier encounter when she had slid her body beneath that of the horse."

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